What designer shoes go best with a Barbiecore Look

What designer shoes go best with a Barbiecore Look

Embracing the Barbie Fashion Trend with Comfortable Pink Shoes

Love her, hate her Barbie is an American Icon who is this Summer’s biggest fashion influencer.  The Barbiemovie is the re-telling of the feminist myth and a recurring  part of the story always seems to come back to Barbie’s feet being in the permanent high heel position.  For decades every Barbie outfit always came with a pair of colorful, little plastic stiletto mules also called the stiletto slide or sandal.  This iconic Barbie shoe completed all of her fabulous outfits.  Every major designer from Oscar de la Renta to Bob Mackie have designed clothing for Barbie and today is no different, as many of the major fashion houses were vying for the chance to dress Margo Robbie for her press debuts while promoting the Barbie Movie.   

New Womens Designer Shoes - Embassy London USA

There are some shoes that are viewed as “anti-Barbie” such as the Birkenstock; a shoe that even Barbie finds herself unable to place on her famous feet.  And as women find themselves rushing to the theater to settle into their childhood fantasy, they are also dressing with reverence to their favorite doll in all things Pink!  Designers such as Manolo Blahnik has jumped into the game with a collection of Barbie-licious, bubble gum pink heels that are enough to make any woman swoon.  However, there are some of us Barbie fans that simply can no longer wear a 4” stiletto heel, without twisting an ankle, or worse.  Without wanting to be coined “weird Barbie”, how do we get in on the fun, in shoes that are Pink and comfortable?  

Barbiecore Stylish Pink Shoes and  Accessories

Well lucky us, there are shoe companies out there, like Embassy London, that are creating pink shoes that are stylish, fun and won’t put our feet in traction.  They range from a comfortable 2” slide mule to a rubber sole, platform pink patent leather oxford.  And if you are looking to compliment your go-to work look with a professional pink shoe, they also have an sling-back, loafer that will turn heads at the office.  Or if you have plans to simply lounge poolside at your personal Barbie dream house, then a low heel mule and a bright pink suit suit is the perfect Barbiecore look!   As an interesting side note in 2015 Mattel finally started making Barbie with adjustable ankles so she could finally relax and wear flats.  In addition to shoes, there are several other accessories that can enhance your Barbiecore look including all things pink such as:

Small Pink purses for your Barbie Iphone in a Pink Case

Sunglasses with Pink lenses

Rollerblades (Barbie and Ken’s go-to accessory)

Cowgirl hats, complete with Rhinestone adornments

Rhinestone Jewelry in several shades of pink

We hope you have fun this Summer in your Barbiecore outfits and that you get a chance to spend some time in the Barbie World at a theater near you.

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