Stepping into Elegance:  The Timeless Appeal of Ladies’ Designer Shoes

Stepping into Elegance: The Timeless Appeal of Ladies’ Designer Shoes

A Tale of Princesses and Luxury Shoe Brands

A tale as old as time began with the story of a Princess and her Prince.  Their future happiness solely depended twoe things, him finding her and her fitting perfectly into a glass slipper.  And thus began our cultural love affair with the perfect shoe.  Going back in modern history, there are a few famous shoe brands that continue to deliver quality styles year after year, beginning with Ferragamo in the early 1900s.  This quintessential Italian shoe designer is known for their iconic pumps in both stiletto and flat profiles.  The next designer that entered the women's luxury shoe market was Gucci in the 1960s with their timeless black and brown loafers.  Then we saw the 1970s usher in two newcomers to the luxury shoe market, Manolo Blahnik with their upscale, jewel encrusted heels and TOD’s with a casual twist on the loafer.   Not to be outdone, Prada entered the shoe market in the 1980s with classic pumps made from rich Italian leathers and then the 1990s embraced designer, Jimmy Choo, whose shoes made their first appearances on the feet of such celebrities as Cate Blanchette, Carrie Bradshaw and Princess Diana.  Every iconic brand has a story and a history that makes them special and keeps people coming back every season, and this is also true with Embassy London, which got its start in the Shoreditch Market in New London in 2011 and continues to surprise and delight shoe lovers across the globe. 

Just as important as the brand that produces a shoe is the style of shoe.  For example, Gucci continues to produce a classic black and brown loafer, however trends dictate that loafers now come in new styles that include heeled loafers, platform loafers and colorful patterns.   Another style that has come and gone and is back again, is the platform sandal.  The 1970s were full of disco platforms even on men, such as Sir Elton John, and then they were revived again in the 1990s by Vivienne Westwood and they are once again back on trend.  Case in point, check out Zendaya in Valentinos new pink platforms and monochromatic matching suit for the Valentino Fall Winter 2022 show during Paris Fashion week.  

Bottega Veneta’s Classic and Timeless Women’s Ankle Boots

When it comes to women’s ankle boots, Bottega Veneta has never veered from the brand and continues to make durable, classic women’s boots.  But now, more than ever, their chunky, lug sole platforms are both on-trend and timeless.  This  brand continues to buck trends and produce womens designer ankle boots they know will last and that people will always want in their footwear collection.  So whether it is a chelsea ankle boot, a zip up ankle boot or a heeled ankle boot, this style is something that can be worn with countless ensembles and will always prove to be the perfect accessory for day or night, and for any season of the year.  

Women’s designer shoes still hold their Cinderella allure for all women.  And if you don’t believe in fairy tales, the proof is in the annual growth numbers posted for the global luxury footwear market which is expected to exceed $25 billion in 2023.  Designer shoes are only going to continue to be an accessory that women simply can’t live without.

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