From Casual to Chic:  The Best Women’s Designer Sneakers for Every Style

From Casual to Chic: The Best Women’s Designer Sneakers for Every Style

Why You Need a New Pair of Women's Sneakers

There are so many reasons to purchase a new pair of womens sneakers.  Maybe you are planning a trip to Paris that will require lots of walking and sightseeing.  Or maybe you are planning a return to the office after a long stint of working remotely.  Or maybe you just need to clear out your closet, get rid of old sneakers and find new ones that fit your style.  

There are sneakers for every style and need, you just need to pinpoint exactly which designer sneakers will work for you, beginning with weight.  If you are going to be using your sneakers to commute on a daily basis, they need to have a sturdy sole with plenty of tread, especially if your feet require additional support.  Most athletic sneakers have a sturdy sole, but can be rather heavy.  So it’s recommended to try on a shoe first and walk around in it to make sure it’s not weighing down your foot.

Choosing the Perfect Women's Sneakers for Comfort and Style

Now some of us are looking for a shoe that provides both comfort and style.  If you want a sneaker that compliments your outfit, then it is best to consider a lug sole, platform shoe.  One that is handcrafted from Italian leather and that comes in a myriad of fun colors.  This type of womens designer sneaker will allow for both comfort and style.   

Returning to the office can be overwhelming, because you are faced with what to wear after months of working remotely in loungewear.   You will still want to be comfortable, yet present a professional office image.  This transition can be made easier if you choose footwear that is both a comfortable and classic design.  You also don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in order to make a fashion statement.  An affordable pair of designer sneakers go well with just about anything in your closet from a wrap dress to a classic pantsuit. These sneakers will also carry you straight into the weekend, with style and comfort, and won't break the bank. 

And if you find your style is a combination of neutral tans, whites, grays and black, there is nothing better than a colorful pair of sneakers to give your outfit the boost of color it deserves.    Remember style is personal, and if it feels right, then go for it and never be afraid to try something new, especially with your footwear choices. 

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