What Shoes to Wear to Prom

What Shoes to Wear to Prom

Just as important as having an on-Trend Prom dress is having on trend shoes to wear to Prom.

Prom is a right of passage for every High School senior.  There have been television shows devoted to prom, dozens of Taylor Swift songs that reference prom and pages of Teen Vogue giving advice on what to wear to prom.  There is a laundry list of prom items that have become a necessity such as:

Where to take pre-Prom photos

Where to make the perfect Prom Dinner reservation

How to ask your date to prom

Wrist or pin-on corsage

What Purse to Carry to Prom

Limo or Uber to Prom

Group Prom date or one-on-one or just all girls or all boys

Voting for Prom King and Queen

What hairstyle looks best for Prom

What makeup looks best for Prom

Spray Tan or No Spray tan for Prom

Prom Manicure and Prom Pedicure

What Jewelry to wear with a Prom Dress

Attending the After Prom Party

But nothing on this list compares to the biggest decision of all

The Prom Dress

Young girls spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect prom dress.  And there are endless options to choose from including:  Maxi dress, Mini dress, High Low dress, Tulle or Bodycon, backless, strapless, sequin, satin, and the list goes on and on.  Then comes the hours of trying on dresses to make sure you have chosen the perfect dress that fits both your personality and your body type.  But it seems like there is one accessory that never seems to get the attention that it deserves and that is what shoes do I wear to Prom?  How many photos have you seen of dresses dragging on the ground at the end of the night because the heels chosen were an uncomfortable after thought?  

Let’s take a look at what to look for in the perfect Prom shoe, starting with the material.  If your dress is one color, it might be fun to add a pop of color with your shoes.  Not all Prom Heels need to be black, how about a fun green platform or a snake print pump?  And if you plan on dancing all night, consider a 3”, or lower, platform heel for comfort and stability.  Seventies Platform heels are making a comeback and apparently will never go out of style.  They are comfortable, cool and a great way to show off your pedicure.  But if you were busy studying for finals and didn’t have time for a pedicure, how about considering a pair of closed toe sandals?  It’s a classy way to hide those toes and have a shoe that can be used over and over again, maybe even for graduation.  

Another option is to purchase a fun pair of platform combat boots or designer sneakers to pair with your dress for after Prom, for when the real party gets started or just wear them all night long and never worry about your feet hurting.  After all your date will probably be in Jordans, so there’s no reason why you can’t be just as comfortable.  No matter which shoe you choose, make sure you think ahead to have your dress hemmed to suit the shoe, or boot’s, heel height.  

We hope these tips ensure you have a fun time at prom and that your feet will dance the night away in style and comfort.  Prom dress compliments of Donna Beth Creations, Denver, Colorado