What Shoes to Wear for Pride Fest

What Shoes to Wear for Pride Fest

On June 28, 1970, the one year anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, the first Pride marches were held in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Thousands of LGBT+ people gathered to commemorate Stonewall and demonstrate for equal rights.  This celebration continues on today in cities, big and small, all over the world.  And whether it’s a dance party, a parade, or a picnic with friends and family, it’s a time to celebrate self expression.  And what better way to express yourself than through your choice of Pride outfits.  It’s always good to keep in mind when shopping for your pride ensembles that brighter is always better!  And that could mean anything from a neon pink mini dress to a statement bra, anything goes when it comes to Pride dressing.

People look forward to celebrating Pride all year long and it's definitely a busy weekend.  So if you have several events planned, it’s best to think about the best shoes to wear for comfort, color and style.  

Let’s start with a Pride staple, a tulle skirt.  It could be mini, midi or maxi, but tulle skirts are so much fun to wear and accessorize.  Maybe try a tulle skirt with a rainbow tee and some colorful platform sneakers.  Pride is also known for genderless dressing, so don’t be afraid to wear whatever makes you happy, because that is what Pride is all about!  

Some of our readers might be choosing to go for a look that rivals all the Queens in Rupal’s Drag Race, and we applaud going the extra mile to ensure you look fabulous.  If you are planning to win the crown for the weekend, then we definitely suggest a pair of beautifully constructed heels made from Quality Italian leather that will look great and allow you to strut your stuff all night long.  And if the dress is a gown, make sure the heel height ensures your sequins aren’t dragging and your designer shoes are making an appearance beneath your hem.  

Now if you have a great set of legs, why not show them off in a pair of hot pants with a crop top, and a pair of block heeled, colorful ankle boots.  And don’t forget a cute mini purse that holds your cell phone and some glitter powder for touch ups!

The universal symbol for Pride is the rainbow.  Rainbow options are infinite, but a matching set, whether it’s shorts, or a track suit, is an easy way to show your pride and be comfortable.  Matching sets pair best with trendy, comfortable platform sneakers.  And there are several versions available that even include rainbow colored soles, or elevate the look with a pair of rainbow socks!

And if you are looking to not spend much money this season, let’s take a look at the denim options that are already in your closet.  A cool pair of flared jeans or a denim romper can easily be accessorized with a pair of pink platform oxfords and a fun bucket hat.  Grab a rainbow flag from a street vendor and you are ready for a fun filled Pride weekend.  No matter what you wear or who you love, we wish everyone a safe and fun Pride celebration.