What Shoes Go Best with Denim

What Shoes Go Best with Denim

Denim is a staple in all our wardrobes, and it comes in so many different styles and shades.  Let’s explore the denim phenomena and determine which shoes go best with your blue jeans looks.  

Denim skirts are comfortable to wear and yet still can be worn to the office.  A denim skirt works really well when paired with a crisp white button down shirt or a luxury white tee.  With the right accessories, such as a brightly colored leather belt or a chunky gold chain, this look means business without being too formal.  And if you are searching for a nice pair of heels to compliment this look, a heeled oxford is always a good choice.  It’s classic, yet easy to walk in.  Now if your denim skirt is a mini skirt that you are wearing to your next concert date, a good choice is to find a pair of brightly colored strappy sandals to complete the look.   Mini skirts work well when you wear a bodysuit, so you don’t find yourself always having to tuck in your shirt or having it show below the hem.  Denim mini skirts never go out of style and you will find yourself re-styling it year after year.  

Another fun option is a denim jumpsuit or romper.  These were styled after the old mechanics coveralls that were worn as protection over street clothes at work.  You can still see people today wearing them to paint, do mechanical work, factory work or farming.  However today’s fashionistas also wear them to look cute and comfortable.  Denim coveralls can be either fitted or loose.  When they are fitted, a pair of womens designer heels are the perfect feminine compliment to this typically male skewed ensemble.  This is such a cute look for a weekend out with your friends, because it’s easy to throw together and fun to accessorize with designer women's pumps and an oversize bag.  

Of course, if it’s Summer, you might choose a pair of denim shorts.  Depending on the length of your shorts, there are a few trending shoes that will work.  If your shorts are mid thigh, a heel is a good choice to elongate the legs.  Longer denim shorts tend to be polished than a pair of short denim shorts.   If the weekend is on the horizon and you are planning a quick weekend getaway, then short denim shorts with a comfortable pair of womens leather sneakers is the perfect ensemble to pack in your weekend bag.  

And of course, there is the all American choice, a pair of jeans.  There are so many different styles of jeans, including bell bottoms, skinny jeans, cargo pants, boot cut, and the list goes on.  And as if styles aren’t enough, there are also a myriad of shades of denim as well such as stonewashed, light blue, dark blue, black and faded.  One thing is for certain, you can easily pair jeans with a casual pair of women’s oxford shoes or womens ankle boots and feel confident that your look will be timeless.

Denim will never go out of style and no wardrobe can ever have enough.

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