What is a Luxury Shoe?

What is a Luxury Shoe?

High quality footwear doesn’t come cheap, but is something well worth investing in. If you buy wisely you’ll be rewarded with superior materials, high-end craftsmanship, in some cases perfected over centuries, and easily replaceable parts for maximum longevity. And that’s before we even get into looks! Luxury footwear usually has the following characteristics: price, quality, rarity, aesthetics, extraordinariness and symbolism. Let’s learn more about what makes a luxury shoe. 

What is a Luxury Shoe?

Luxury designer shoes are handcrafted with painstaking detail and discipline, feature extraordinary craftsmanship and are built with the highest quality materials. Every single part of the shoe is crafted out of expensive materials from welt to wheeling and toe cap to back trap. Genuine leather is a great example, it doesn’t just look good, it feels good and also adapts to the foot and lasts for years to come. Many companies are also addressing their environmental impact and offering luxury vegan shoes, too. 

By default, designer shoes are built to last because of the custom materials and finishing put into their making. Buying luxury is buying quality, and these brands care about their heritage and reputation, and work with the best craftsmen. These shoes are designed to comfortably stand the test of time and are also timeless, meaning they never go out of fashion. You can think of luxury shoes as a lasting piece of art that will retain their classic style as was the original intent of the designer.

Another quality of a luxury designer shoe is rarity. By definition luxury products are controlled by limited availability; they are not mass produced. This means that designer shoes are by nature unique, exclusive, feature sophisticated designs and are uncommon in the market. They are exceptionally crafted to make a visual impression on your leg; it’s like wearing art! From the choice of materials used, to the custom finishing, these shoes are a beautiful sight to behold.

Why Buy Luxury Shoes? 

The difference between a pair of cheap shoes and their high end counterparts is instantly apparent, and although the price difference is often considerable, the latter will always work out to be more valuable and cost-effective in the long run. Value can be looked at in a few different ways: “value in use” refers to being able to use an object, “value in exchange” examines the cost to create/acquire the product and “value of importance” addresses how much something matters to you. 

Luxury products aren’t always associated with name and clout. The making of a shoe, just like any piece of art is an intricate, time consuming and often expensive process. Investing in a designer shoe can showcase status, allow someone to gain a sense of belonging or acceptance of their peers, or represent a reward for success in life, but it can also be a nod to valuing a brand’s craftsmanship, heritage and quality. 

Well made, luxury shoes tend to be more comfortable and last longer. Cost per wear is a metric that takes the total cost of the product divided by the total times you’re able to wear them. With designer shoes, the cost is higher, however the number of wears is also higher, so you’ll probably save money in the long run. And if you’re concerned with your environmental impact, investing in higher quality and longer lasting shoes or products is definitely the way to go. 

Shoes are not merely meant for protection and utility anymore. Nowadays footwear has become a symbol and is used also for fashion and adornment. If you’re ready to explore the world of luxury shoes, one brand that is definitely worth checking out is Embassy London.  This British brand produces Men's and Women's Designer Shoes in limited quanities, and handcrafted for the finest Italian leather.