What Designer Makes Aqua Boots?

What Designer Makes Aqua Boots?

If you’re looking for a unique, blue-green color of boots, then look no further! We love bright and bold colors and our designer aqua colored Brick Lane Boots are the perfect way to liven up any look. Let’s learn more about these fun colored boots and how to wear them. 

Brick Lane Boots in Aqua Tone Leather

aqua colored brick lane boots in a shoe box

Forever a classic, our Brick Lane over-the-ankle brogue-style boots have all the traditional features: punched holes, winged tips and for an added extra a contrast leather for a flash of extra style between the brogue perforations. They are fully leather lined for maximum comfort and have a lightweight rubber sole.  

Our Brick Lane Boots are handmade in small, family-owned European factories from genuine Italian leather. With a metal side zipper these shoes are easy to take off and put on and also have laces like our Hatter collection. These boots have a truly original classic London look. Brick Lane boots are available in a range of fun colors, including bright aqua

Our aqua Brick Lanes are kind of a mid century modern color, that gives off a retro vibe but can be styled to your heart's desire. Whether you pair them with jeans or a dress, these boots will look fantastic with any outfit.

How to Wear Aqua Colored Shoes

Light and bright shades of greenish blues and blueish greens are perfect for spring and summer, while darker shades of teal and turquoise are especially well-suited to cooler weather. Teal, turquoise and aqua colors are nearly always trending and not as hard to style as you might think.

If your shoes are a bit more on the blue side of the spectrum, look to pair them with shades of orange, especially light to mid-tones like corals and peaches. Darker blue shades that are more on the green side will contrast nicely with deep shades of red and rust. Nearly any shade of blue that falls into this watery category will also look fantastic with more true blues and greens.

Another magical combination is pairing shades of blue-greens with browns, as well as other mid to dark earth tones and neutrals. You can also go the opposite end of the spectrum and wear white or cream and have your aqua boots really pop. 

If you’re ready to step out of line and into some bright, bold and beautiful shoes then be sure to check out our entire Women’s collection here