What Are Loafers?

What Are Loafers?

Often neglected in place of trainers or brogues, loafers can be a stylish addition to your wardrobe, and they’re easy to dress up or down. Loafers are slip-on style shoes that do not have laces (think fancy slippers). Usually loafers have a low or even no heel and are typically made using leather or suede. Let’s learn more about loafers!

What Are Loafers?

The English origin involved King George VI and his desire for a casual, indoor shoe he could wear every day. He allegedly commissioned London's Matthew and Rebecca Wildsmith to create the shoes and their design eventually was known as the Wildsmith Loafer. Another story suggests loafers came from shoemaker Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger. He created a shoe similar to what he saw the Iroquois in America wear but more accommodating to Norway's colder weather; these would be known as Aurland Shoe. 

The defining feature of a loafer is its lack of laces which makes it easy to slip on and off even while standing. In contrast to moccasins, loafers have a separate sole and heel. Some loafers also include an extra piece of leather positioned across the top of the vamp for extra style and a more snug fit. Originally designed as an indoor shoe, loafers are now worn both indoors and out for a wide range of occasions. It’s a shoe to relax and loaf around in.

Easily recognizable thanks to a saddle sewn across the upper with a cut-out large enough to hold a penny, the penny loafer is an American take on the design. In 1968 renowned Italian designer, Gucci came up with his own version by incorporating a gold brass strap that was shaped like a horse snaffle and horse bit loafers were born. Depending on the materials and embellishments on your loafers they can either be more formal or more casual.

How to Style Women’s Loafers 

In less formal settings, loafers work well with different kinds of trousers. If you are wearing loafers with khakis or denim jeans, color contrast is a fun way to add some color to your outfit. If you are looking for casual footwear that works well with just about any kind of outfit, the loafer might be just what you're looking for. They are very comfortable shoes that easily flex, breathe, and can be slipped on and off with very little effort.

red patent leather loafer
Add our Amor to your loafer collection for an understated look that goes with everything. Crafted in high-shine red patent leather, this smart-casual loafer features a black and white graphic imprinted leather accent and is accessorized with a gold-tone snaffle bar trim.
black patent leather and suede loafer
The Amor is also available in high-shine black patent leather and features a suede leather vamp accessorized with silver-tone snaffle bar trim.


gold-accented tapestry textile loafer
The Nightingale is made of imprinted gold-accented tapestry textile and accented with a leather trimmed bow.  This loafer is both comfortable and stunning and a must-have in your shoe collection.


Whether you are going to the office in your business casual look, going for a date or having a laid-back evening, loafers are the perfect shoes for these situations. Shop our collection of loafers here