How Are Ankle Boots Supposed to Fit?

How Are Ankle Boots Supposed to Fit?

There are so many different styles of boots, including Women's ankle boots and not every boot works with every outfit and body type. Some ankle boots have a high ankle shaft or a low one, and there are also ones that are tighter around the ankle and ones that are wider. Let’s learn more about ankle boots and how to get the right fit for any style. 

How to Size Boots

If you wear a shoe that’s too small it can compress your foot and you can wind up with structural problems. If you wear a shoe that’s too big, your foot won’t bend at the shoe’s break point which can also cause problems. The flex point is where the shoe breaks on your foot and is arguably the most important component of fit. The widest part of the boot should line up with the ball (the widest part) of your foot, and the shoe should bend where your foot does at the toe line. 

With sizing it's crucial to remember that the length of your foot won’t change throughout the day, but the width will. Your foot will be more swollen and slightly wider towards the end of the day, and that’s ideally when you should try on shoes or measuring the width of your foot with a Brannock device. Also consider what socks you'll wear and bring those with you if you’re heading to a store to try on shoes. Many shoes now come in different widths to accommodate a wider range of foot sizes. 

As for the heel- if everything else feels fine and you have a small amount of heel slip (¼-½ inch) that’s acceptable. As the boot molds to your foot, the slip should decrease and may vanish. What’s more important than slippage is that the boot moves with your foot and you don’t feel like your foot is moving around the inside of the shoe. If the slippage doesn’t fix itself and is bothering you, there are simple solutions like Heel Snugs that can easily remedy the issue.

How Are Ankle Boots Supposed to Fit?

Women with a smaller ankle may prefer a lace up boot that can be pulled tight vs a pull on boot and women with larger ankles might prefer a roomier boot. Lace ups typically hug the ankle and are best worn with thin socks or hosiery, while pull-on boots have an elasticized insert and a wider opening that allows you to wear thicker socks or tights. Boots with side zippers make for easier access and are a bit looser around the ankle; often this option comes with lace up as well, but you can easily keep them laced and just use the zipper.

Ankle boots are a staple piece to have in your closet because they are so versatile. If you’re rocking skinny jeans you can cuff or tuck your jeans into your boots, they look great with leggings and wider leg pants and you can also easily wear them with skirts and dresses. They come in different heights, heels or no heels, rounded or pointed toes, plain or with embellishments. We have a huge selection of ankle boots from classic brown and black to fun colors and designs. Shop our collection here.