Designer Footwear for Women:  A Guide to Choosing the Right Pair for Any Occasion

Designer Footwear for Women: A Guide to Choosing the Right Pair for Any Occasion

Do you find yourself confused as to what type of shoes to wear for a special occasion? Whether it's a graduation ceremony, a black tie wedding or an outdoor 4th of July picnic, first and foremost make comfort your deciding factor. Let’s break down different shoe styles so you know all the available options when making a footwear decision that will be right for you.  

Let’s begin with pointy toed pumps.  Although they can make your legs look longer, which can be very flattering when wearing a dress or skirt, this footwear style should never be worn if you will be doing any prolonged standing or walking because there isn’t much support from the sole due to the lack of cushion.  One alternative to a pointy toe box would be to opt for an almond shaped toe box, which gives the toes more room to breath.  In addition, a block heel with a height of 2” or less, still can give an elongating effect while providing comfort and style.  

When shopping for footwear for a special occasion, you might be considering a vegan alternative.  Although vegan leather is continuing to gain popularity, it’s important to understand the limitations of a synthetic leather shoe.  They don’t breathe as well as a high quality leather shoe, so choose wisely by considering open toe options for the most breathability and comfort.  

Another fun footwear choice is a stylish pair of womens designer ankle boots.  This is a great option that gives both height and ankle support.  A women’s ankle boot can be flattering when worn with cropped pants, a midi skirt or even a mini dress.  It’s an option that never goes out of style.   

A good rule of thumb to use when purchasing footwear is that high quality womens shoes make a difference.  When shoes are handcrafted from Italian leather, they will last as well as ensure that your feet are comfortable and ready for anything.