Are Brogue Shoes In Style?

Are Brogue Shoes In Style?

Although broguing is most common on Oxford shoes, because the moniker refers to the perforations on the shoe not the construction, brogue styles are almost limitless, and therefore timeless. Ready to put your best foot forward? Let’s learn what brogues are trending this season and how to work them into your wardrobe. 

What Makes a Shoe a Brogue?

A brogue simply refers to any low-heeled shoe, loafer or boot with hole perforations on the top of it known as broguing. Initially invented for outdoor use with the perforations serving as drainage holes, brogues are now available in many different colors and styles and come as both Oxford and Derby shoes.

There are also many types of brogue designs including wingtips or full brogues which have the most amount of perforation, semi and quarter brogues all which feature different decorative perforations and serrated edges. Brogues have even taken on sneaker soles for a comfortable style that looks a bit dressier. This variety has helped the brogue become one of the most versatile shoes you can have in your closet. 

There are plenty of reasons why brogues are a wardrobe staple or both men and women- you can wear them with almost any outfit whether that's a workwear ensemble or something more casual, it's time to make brogues your shoe of choice. The general rule of thumb is that the busier the toe cap, or the more perforation the shoe has, the less formal it is; wingtips or full brogues are therefore the most casual type of brogue. 

Are Brogue Shoes In Style?

Similar to stacked loafers, lace-up brogues have become a popular alternative to trainers. Prada, Miu Miu, Fendi and more have nailed collegiate charm with their respective takes on this style. No longer reserved just for the boys, Oxfords and brogues have attracted a more diverse and dare we say more fashionable crowd. If you’re hoping to infuse a little flair into your footwear consider swapping your traditional flat Oxfords for a platform. 

Platforms are the sole of choice this year across everything from heels to brogues and boots to mary-janes. Many of us have experienced the comfort and ease of wearing chunky flats throughout every season, from sensible sandals you can walk all day in to varying degrees of high-heel platforms you could consider for work, partying or simply being comfortable in. 

Meet the Perce, our platform Oxford brogue. This shoe inherently taps into a classic, timeless feel due to its preppy origins yet the stacked silhouette gives it an unconventional edge. Black patent leather combined with brogue detailing and imprinted gold and black details make this shoe a show stopper. The platform is lightweight and gives you a little more height than a typical brogue. Pair the Perce with a skirt and you will be ready for a night on the town. It's stylish, fun and very on-trend.