What is a Mini Hand Bag?

What is a Mini Hand Bag?

No matter how you label it mini, micro, or petite, the tiny purse trend has captivated the fashion industry and is still going strong. Let’s learn more about mini handbags that may be the most practical solution to this on going trend. 

What is a Mini Bag and Why We Love Them 

For many people quarantine has changed the way they dress and go out into the world and for some the amount of stuff they carry has also drastically changed. Large totes that used to be our daily go-to bag to house a laptop for work, a pair of flats for when heels got to be too much, a makeup bag for touch-ups, etc aren’t necessarily needed as many of us are still working from home, and learning to go out with just the essentials: phone, wallet, and a spare mask. 

While mini bags have been dominating runways for the past few seasons with each season appearing to get smaller and smaller, aside from the ultra-trendy and ultra-tiny bags, mini bags have officially become an everyday bag for many of us. They’re small enough to not be in the way but still big enough to hold your essentials and then some. They come in timeless classics, seasonal specials and all sorts of shapes, colors and textures. 

Carrying a mini bag enables mobility and feels liberating with less to carry and less to worry about. It encourages us to live like a minimalist (or lie about it) by prioritizing our everyday essentials down to only a select few things. While some of us may still need to embrace the ever trending oversized tote, maybe in addition to our mini handbags, it’s certainly a trend that’s worth embracing. 

Meet Our Gazelle Mini Tote Bag

woman wearing boots and carrying a black mini hand bag

An elegant hand made mini leather tote bag traditionally used to hold a woman's most precious belongings. Made from the most beautiful Italian leather by master craftsmen and tanned with natural tannins of vegetable origins, the Gazelle Mini has a statement design exuding luxury and elegance with its sleek leather and rectangular shape. It can be worn casually or dressed up for a night on the town. It’s a classic everyday bag with beautiful gold details. 

close up of a black leather mini hand bag

Whether you use it every day or just for special occasions, we’re sure that you’ll love this mini bag. Shop our entire collection of designer Women’s handbags here