Wear What Suits You - Men are Dressing Up Again

Wear What Suits You - Men are Dressing Up Again

Gentleman, it might be time to take a serious look at your wardrobe, and start to research the latest in mens suit ideas.  COVID 19 had many of you on the couch playing video games and ordering takeout, while wearing sweats and an old college jersey.  But as the world slowly comes back to life, it might be time to start to dress up again.  Whether it’s a holiday look or a date night with a special someone, dressing up will set the tone for you looking and feeling great.  The latest trends in men’s suit fashions are fun and functional.  Let’s begin with the remake of the 80s power suit. If you find yourself attracted to a multi purpose grey men’s suit style, there are still ways to make that look more relevant, possibly by wearing a pair of men’s luxury tennis shoes with a fun pair of colorful socks.  


The latest twist on a classic pinstripe men’s suit style is pairing it with a brightly colored sweater vest and trousers that rest just above the ankles.  And if you are feeling really daring, try pinning a fun piece of costume jewelry to the lapel to complete your ensemble.


Now if you are a gentleman that prefers just a slight pop of color, how about a men’s suit fashion that is reminiscent of the zoot suit.  A baggy pant and jacket, in a plaid pattern, is a classic suit style that will never go out of fashion.  Todays plaids pair well with a bright tie and a matching pocket square, and this look will always pair well with a pair of men’s oxfords


If you find yourself unable to give up the comfort of sweat pants, how about a compromise?  The latest in men’s leisure suits allow for the cut of a suit with the familiarity of a cotton polyester blend material.  This combination allows you to elevate your look without feeling overdressed.  This casual suit is easily paired with a pair of men’s Italian leather ankle boots, moving from the office to a cocktail party with functionality and style.


And if you are ready to take the plunge into wide lapels and perfectly tailored luxury suiting, such as an Alexander McQueen or a Thom Brown, then the sky’s the limit!  You can choose from a pink luxury blend wool or even a skirt to wear with a blazer.  The only thing coming between you and your new suit is taking that next step.  And when you do take that step, don’t forget that a good pair of Men’s Italian Leather Oxfords are necessary to complete the look.  Remember there is nothing like a well-tailored man in a well tailored suit.