The New Direction of Men’s Casual Dress for 2022

The New Direction of Men’s Casual Dress

St. Laurent Men’s Spring Summer 2023 collection was showcased with models circling a ring of fire outside Marrakech in the middle of the Agafay Desert.  One might assume this runway would lend itself to a style that was formal; an almost James Bond, black tie dramatic production.  But instead the looks were gender non-conforming and allowed for an entirely new approach to casual outfits for men.  No longer are the days when men should assume casual only refers to jeans and polo shirts.  Instead these new looks are comfortable, yet elevated.  The collection, sans color, was monochromatic, with overstated details, beginning with wide legged black pants paired with slip-on, casual men’s boots.  The tops, although done in simple black hues, presented Harry Styles vibes with wide lapels and sheer sleeves.  And just by slipping on a fur coat, or a casual slip on men’s shoe, the look became so much more than a black shirt and pants.  The Men’s casual dress shoes that accompanied these ensembles were both elegant and easy to slip on and off.  Slip on shoes for men no longer are the loafers of our grandfather’s generation. Instead these shoes are embellished with embroidery and contrasting materials, while always keeping comfort and ease at the forefront.  The new direction of Men’s Casual dressing is teaching men that casual doesn’t necessarily mean boring or athletic. Gone are the days when casual men’s shoes are sneakers meant for jogging.  Instead, casual men’s shoes are now often made from Italian leather with intricate designs and branded soles.  Designers are working hard to give men more casual options and men are just as excited to try out these new looks.  This year’s runway shows saw male models sporting blazers with shorts paired with men’s casual dress shoes such as luxury men’s designer sneakers in various profiles and colors.  The landscape for men’s casual dress is quickly changing and men are embracing the change with enthusiasm and a new found appreciation for fashion and design