Are Tartan Boots Still in Style in 2022

Are Tartan Boots Still in Style in 2022

Plaid is a timeless print that will always be spotted on the streets, no matter if it’s spring, summer, or winter, and there will always be great ways to wear this trend. Red-based tartan (this winter season’ Roberto Cavalli), and yellow-and-black tartan (this season’s Christian Dior) are testimony that tartan is definitely still in style. 

What is Tartan and Plaid?

Pronounced 'played' and sometimes spelled plaide, it was first recorded in Scottish Gaelic around 1505 as a word for a blanket or wrap. Since then its usage has expanded to include any regular or irregular woven or printed pattern with intersecting bands or stripes running both horizontally and vertically, or any fabric with such a pattern. Plaid can both be a noun describing the pattern or fabric itself and a modifier as in plaid suits, plaid skirts, plaid jackets, etc.

  • Plaids are any crisscross patterns of two or more colors
  • Tartans are plaids with a name to identify a community
  • Checks are plaids with a regular pattern, usually of only two colors
  • Plaid sometimes describes the crisscross pattern of tartans 
  • Plaid can also mean the fabrics or cloth woven in those tartan-style patterns
  • For Scots, plaid is mostly a type of traditional garment worn in various styles, such as a belted plaid, fly plaid, arisaid plaid, shepherd's plaid, and piper's plaid or drummer's plaid

Jennifer Lopez Instagram picture in red tartan plaid

In January Jennifer Lopez shared a series of photos featuring an ensemble made up of red-and-black plaid pieces from Roberto Cavalli's pre-fall 2022 collection, including a fuzzy sweater embellished with criss-crossing rhinestones, wide-leg trousers, and stiletto skin-clinging boots. She also carried a red-and-black plaid bag featuring red pom-poms on the handle. "Plaid girls club 💋🖤❤️," she captioned the photos on Instagram.

Men’s Designer Tartan Boots

men's red tartan plaid boots

With its clean lines and beautifully cut edges, the Charles is the sartorial gentlemen’s dream.  This hook and eye lace-up over-the-ankle boot is a contemporary take on an old-world classic. With a mix of textile and leather, It comes with brogue detailing and can be dressed up or dressed down. In black leather with red tartan textile accents, it's the boot for all seasons especially for the holidays. 

grey tartan plaid boots

The Wanderer boot is a combination of smart, brogue styling coupled with a thick rubber sole, ensuring that you can go anywhere you want comfortably and in style. Handcrafted from Italian black leather, and red and black tartan textile accents, this boot is a must-have for your shoe collection.  

red tartan plaid oxford

The Orlando elevates Oxford style to statement-making status. With its clean lines and beautifully cut edges, the Orlando is a combination of red and black textile accents surrounded by classic black Italian leather. Complete with brogue detailing and a comfortable fit it will be your go-to shoe for work or play. It’s also available in red, gray and black textile accents.

Plaid print is one of those fashion trends that will always be in style, including all types of plaids from Tartan print, to checks and even gingham. We love bold colors, patterns and prints so be sure to shop our entire Men’s and Women’s collections.